New device brings liquid soap users "back to the bar."

Here's the dilemma... liquid vs bar soap.  Liquid soap is clearly the best bet for a public restroom or gym, but it’s showing up in more and more private homes.  Why? Heavy jugs are trucked for miles, stored in warehouses, then stores, then half-full in your closet at home; only to end up in a landfill or recycling station. A simple bar of soap is wrapped in a piece of bio-degradable paper; and when used up, it’s completely gone... forever.  In spite of its virtues, liquid soap is “eco-unfriendly.”

So then, why in our planet conscious environment, has the soap bar become less popular?  In spite of the most inventive draining vessels and soap-holding contraptions, the bar becomes a gooey mess in the soap dish and shower shelf. The secret to keeping a soap bar dry still eludes the human race. It slips and slides away when you need it most. Small pieces fall through the holes in wire baskets.  But most importantly, many folks believe that dangerous bacteria proliferate in the bar’s wet and slimy surface.  

SoapAnchor is the answer.  It’s a walnut-sized device that keeps the bar truly dry, so that bacterial growth is minimized.  In fact, SoapAnchor eliminates the moist soap dish and shelf.  It is  incapable of collecting the water responsible for degradation and scum, and it’s visually out of sight.  It prevents annoying slide-aways, and holds over-sized bars and small scraps, equally well.  

And those bacteria? Medical fact: A dry soap bar will not support the growth of bacteria. Bacteria grow in soap bar surface slime. SoapAnchor completely dries the bar in 30 minutes, because the bar is totally surrounded by fresh, circulating air.  Slime will not develop.

Press SoapAnchor on the shower wall or sink interior, then press the bar on top. When the moist bar is mounted on its surface, it’s locked in place and out of sight. There is no horizontal surface beneath the bar to collect the soapy drips. So, every drip goes down the drain.  The bar and bathroom surface stays dry, safe, and sanitary. 

If you think this sounds too good to be true, ask the 400 plus folks who bought hand-crafted versions of SoapAnchors on Etsy, and responded with rave reviews.  When the demand outstripped our capability, we opted to close the studio, and manufacture SoapAnchor in a modern factory.  The latest SoapAnchor is even better than before.  It’s patent pending and trademark protected; and still outperforms every soap-holder in existence.  It’s available at and once again on