•No shelf, no soap dish, no scum.

•Every drip goes down the drain.

•Attaches to wall or sink interior.

•Actually vanishes from sight.

•No slippery bar slide-away.


Press a wet, slippery bar against the surface of SoapAnchor, and it   locks in place. Watch SoapAnchor magically disappear from sight. The bar  stays clean, dry, and lasts 3x longer.


SoapAnchor is hand-crafted by American workers using aerospace industry resin and stainless steel. Essentially indestructible, it firmly bonds to bathroom surfaces with 3M water-resistant, no-residue tape. Patent pending.

all sizes, shapes, and situations

SoapAnchor is small; but it handles every shape and size... even the remaining scraps of a well-used bar. Stick it on any vertical surface... sink interior or shower wall. The soap is easier to grab, and always within reach.


Real simple.  If you're not completely delighted with the way SoapAnchor performs, your purchase price will be promptly refunded.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

– Leonardo DaVinci, Florence, Italy

Well made, sturdy, easy to install. Performs great. Everyone in the family agrees... and that's unusual.

– Steve K, Delray, FL

While it’s true that this device could hardly be more simple, it’s a perfect solution. Friends see it in my bathroom sink and want to know where I got it. I hope they follow through and order for themselves. Thank you for a very satisfying product!

– Alison D, Pueblo, CO

It works great! Every morning I have to grin when I grab the bar of soap off the shower wall...great invention. Kudos to you!

– Brad D, Coburg OR

We've been using liquid soap for years just to avoid soap bar muck. Recently I got the SoapAnchor as a secret Santa gift. It's amazing how well it works. I love it! Our entire family has gone "back to the bar."

– Emily R, San Francisco

The SoapAnchor is awesome! No problems at all - works as advertised.

– Andrew W, Raleigh, NC

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