Liquid soap is the obvious choice for public restrooms and gyms.  But why, in our homes, are we choosing eco-unfriendly plastics over paper-wrapped bars? Multiple studies reveal the same two answers.

  1. Wet soap bars are considered messy, slimy, etc.
  2. Wet bars harbor bacterial pathogens on their surface.  The same is true of soap dish slime.

And although the above is true, there appears to be a solution. There's  a new, clever, walnut-sized gadget that eliminates every problem that a soap bar creates.  It outperforms every draining vessel and soap-holding contraption in existence.  And, the secret?  SoapAnchor orients the wet bar vertically, and not horizontally -- directly on the shower wall!

By doing so, SoapAnchor eliminates the soap dish and shower shelf!  It drains every drop of residual water from the bar, while preventing soapy drips from landing on the area beneath. SoapAnchor’s design prevents water from collecting on itself, so there’s zero contact between soap and water - hence no slime - the medium for bacterial growth. 

And speaking of bacteria…  Medical fact: A dry soap bar will not support the growth of bacteria. SoapAnchor dries the bar in less than an hour because it completely envelopes the bar in fresh, circulating air.  Translation: A clean, mess-free and slime-free bar in less than an hour. 

Simply press the adhesive back of SoapAnchor on the shower wall or sink interior, then press the bar against its unique surface. The bar is instantly locked in place (no slippery slide-aways), and the device disappears from sight. SoapAnchor holds oversized bars and small scraps equally well. There is no horizontal surface beneath the bar to collect the soapy drips. So, every drip goes down the drain.  The bar and bathroom surface stay clean, safe, and sanitary.