SoapAnchor will forever change the way you relate to a simple bar of soap. Now you can park that wet slippery bar just about anywhere.  Simply press the moist bar against SoapAnchor’s unique gripping surface, and the bar holds tight and stays put.  Stick it on a shower wall, and SoapAnchor is rendered invisible behind the bar… the bar appears to magically float in mid-air.  And because SoapAnchor is out of sight, it fits every bathroom decor.

SoapAnchor has a patent pending, miniaturized design... the result of countless prototypes and professional engineering.  It simultaneously lifts, aerates, and locks the bar in place; and works equally well on new bars and small scraps. 

Down the drain technology: When attached vertically to the wall, the drippings from the bar (and your wet soapy hand) don't land on the shelf, or the soap dish. They go directly down the drain. And because the bar is 97% surrounded by circulating air, it’s completely dry in about an hour.  That means no scummy residue, no sticky surfaces, and no moist medium for bacterial growth.

SoapAnchor creates a generous space around and beneath the bar – so it’s easier to grab when the bar (and you) are wet and slippery. You can immobilize your soap bar anywhere on a horizontal or vertical surface like a shower wall, the narrow rim of a sink/tub…  even the inside wall of the sink/tub. The bar will always be within easy reach.

Do you hate saying good bye to your soap dish?  Stick SoapAnchor in the dish, and press the bar on top.  Simply tilt to empty the wet, soapy drippings. The SoapAnchor and the bar won’t move.

 Eco-friendly: If you thought soap bars were too messy, and you switched to liquid soap; think about this: That big heavy jug is sent from warehouse to warehouse.  Then it sits, at home for months, always less-than-full, taking up valuable space; only to end up in a landfill, or a costly recycling facility.  With that in mind - perhaps it’s time you returned to the bar. SoapAnchor has solved every problem you've had with a bar of soap.