How to keep a soap bar dry


Millions have switched from soap bars to liquid soap for two basic reasons.

1.They feel that soap bars might harbor dangerous bacteria (That’s been proven false…more about that later)  

2. They know that soap bars, in contact with water, will develop an unpleasant slippery surface slime.

Historically, society has failed to keep the soap bar dry, when it’s not being used. 

Simple dishes, without drains, are a sure way to create a messy scum and promote bacterial growth. Small fragments dissolve away to a gooey mass within hours of sitting in the puddled water.  The trick to soap bar preservation is minimizing the bar’s contact with a wet/flat surface. So… it’s not surprising that various soap bar holders have evolved. The dish with drain holes or slots was the earliest attempt.  A good start, but still, too much surface contact.

The wire frame basket, offers less surface contact while promoting good aeration and drainage. However, soap scum often rubs off on the narrow wires, and it unwelcomely protrudes from the wall into the shower enclosure. The basket’s surrounding wall will prevent bar slide-away, but predictably, the smaller pieces of soap will always slip out through the spaces.

Then there’s a category of devices called “soap-savers.”  These gadgets, (usually cheap plastic- about the size of a soap bar) are placed between the bar and a horizontal surface (like the shelf or soap dish). They are intended to lift the bar up and out of water that might have collected beneath; and are usually ribbed or pronged.  Unfortunately, the soap saver and bar can easily slide off a shelf or soap dish.  That’s because the soap saver does not surround and immobilize the bar, like a wire frame basket.   And although soap savers elevate and aerate the bar -- regardless of their design, the soapy drippings from the bar (and even more so, from the bather’s hand) will always collect beneath the bar -- on the soap-saver itself, or the surface beneath the soap-saver.

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