SoapAnchor solves the two basic problems with bar soap. Why folks switch to liquid soap.

The two most common reasons for folks to use liquid rather than bar soap are the following:

1. Bar soap is thought to be contaminated with bacteria.
2. Bar soaps are slimy and, in general, messy.

Without addressing the disadvantages of liquid soap in eco-unfriendly containers, let's focus on why bar soap has lost its popularity

Bar soap slime contains germs! In fact, most folks are reluctant to share a bar with strangers and prefer liquid soaps in those situations.  This is certainly the case in public rest rooms and gyms.  Bacteria love moisture, not soap.  Bacteria  grow where it's moist like a gooey soap dish, or the slimy surface of a wet bar.

However:  The medical fact is that bacteria will not grow on a dry bar.  In spite of this, nearly half of all U.S. consumers — and 60 percent of those 18 to 24 — continue to believe bar soap (wet or dry) has more germs than a bottle of liquid soap.  This is untrue and only pertains to wet bars.

Bar soap is messy.  It gums up the soap dish, falls through wire baskets, slides off the shelf, drips on countertops, dissolves in the presence of water, etc.  Each of these observations accurate.  Surely these are valid reasons to abandon the bar.

But there's a new soap-holding device called SoapAnchor that specifically addresses both these issues and has successfully solved the problem! 

1. A wet bar mounted on SoapAnchor is completely surrounded by circulating air, and will dry in less than an hour.  It's impossible for the bar to come in contact with standing water.  It stays clean, dry, and sanitary.  Bacteria-containing slime has not time to develop. That solves Problem #1.

2. SoapAnchor is the most mess-free soap holder ever created!  It guarantees no puddles, no slime, no muck.   In fact, SoapAnchor completely eliminates the soap dish and shelf.  The secret lies in the bar's attachment to a vertical wall or sink interior. Water drains from all six sides of the bar and since there is no horizontal surface beneath the bar, there is no surface upon which the soapy drips will land.  Every drip goes down the drain. Problem #2 solved!

There is simply no soap-holding device  that outperforms SoapAnchor.  It addresses and corrects every disadvantage of the traditional bar.